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The reason for commercial acquisition of a real estate deal (also known as investment property) is not self-use of the property, but to gain returns on invested capital.


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The real market value of your property is immensely important. In terms of real estate valuation, we stand out as experts in awareness of the competition.


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There is an almost impenetrable market in investment property in Erfurt, which we are happy to analyse on your behalf. Which properties would best fit your portfolio? What kind of opportunities and threats could you be exposed to? Your real estate agent in Erfurt is ready to clarify all these issues. We locate investment properties, whether residential investments or commercial properties, which are most suitable to be integrated into your portfolio. As a real estate agent in Erfurt, KARODI Real Estate offers trustworthy property valuations, and supports companies which are starting up in Erfurt or moving from outside to the city. As a specialist in the investment property sector, KARODI Real Estate knows the market in Erfurt intimately. Each case is an individual one: thanks to our long experience in the market and solid theoretical educational background, we are ready to take on whatever challenge you may confront us with. Go ahead and test us! 

Purchase and sales advice on investment and commercial real estate in Erfurt

As a real estate agent and specialist in the investment property sector, KARODI is active both in and around the city of Erfurt, as well as throughout the whole of Germany. We offer assistance in property purchases and sales, and handle all aspects of transactions involving yield-generating real estate objects, including commercial and residential properties. Properties on offer from KARODI Real Estate include houses for one or more tenants, shops, speciality markets and centres and hotel properties. We also offer properties and homes for senior citizens, nursing homes, retail properties, industrial properties, monuments, shopping centres and warehouses. Finally, we have a range of residential properties, office property, listed buildings, logistics property und commercial buildings.

Description of Erfurt


  • Federal State: Thuringia
  • Inhabitants: 206,384 (December 2011)
  • City area: 269.2 km²
  • Number plate code: EF
  • Dialling code: 0361
  • Post code: 99001–99099
  • City website:


Erfurt has an impressive total of 53 city districts. The differing nature of these districts has created correspondingly differing types of city inhabitants. There are those who live in the older parts of the city; others in the more modern housing estates, and Erfurters who live in more rural former villages that over the years have been swallowed up by the city.


Erfurt was first mentioned in the year 742 as Erphesfurt. A jump into more recent history indicates that Erfurt has long been an industrial centre, and up to today has lost little of its attractiveness to business. While Erfurt has had to redefine itself since German reunification in 1990, it has now developed into a service industry centre. Along with its wealth of historic buildings, Erfurt has much in the realms of culture to offer. The city has a number of interesting and exciting museums and theatres, and fascinating glimpses into old monasteries and churches. Entertainment and leisure are offered by the Thuringia Zoo and the Aquarium, which provide a sanctuary to more than 3,000 animals. Nightlife in Erfurt is also eye-opening: evening concerts and theatre productions can be complemented by a visit to any of the city’s numerous restaurants offering a range of local culinary specialities. These aspects of Erfurt are making the city an attractive location for property investment. As a real estate agent in Erfurt, we at KARODI are on hand to support you both with the search for investment property or buyers, as well as providing you with advisory services in line with your specific needs.