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Investment Property

The reason for commercial acquisition of a real estate deal (also known as investment property) is not self-use of the property, but to gain returns on invested capital.


Property Valuation

The real market value of your property is immensely important. In terms of real estate valuation, we stand out as experts in awareness of the competition.


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KARODI Real Estate Agent and Valuer

Serious, neutral and objective, wherever you want us.

As a nationwide operating real estate agent, the KARODI expertise is directly at hand wherever your property is. KARODI Real Estate supports you throughout the whole of Germany in the purchase and sale of real estate, along with the valuation of your (future) property. With a focus on investment property, you can place your trust in a specialist with an immense amount of experience waiting to be employed for your benefit. Both commercial and residential property (multi-occupancy houses and apartment buildings) are to be found in our portfolio. Cast a glance at our many varieties of property, and discover what we can do for you. You are also most welcome to pick up the telephone or send us an email – our friendly team is waiting to hear from you.

You in the focal point.

Each action undertaken by us is preceded by an intensive discussion with you. If we are to act on your behalf, we would need to become acquainted with your aims and reasons. The better your needs are understood by the KARODI team, the more precisely we can set about locating your ideal income property or buyer. It is also important for valuations of your property in all German cities that we understand your aims. Knowing these, we can set to work on your behalf, and enable you to achieve your income on investment targets.

Broad spectrum of services from KARODI Real Estate

The name KARODI Real Estate enjoys a very good reputation throughout Germany. This has been achieved by providing professional advice on all conceivable matters, dealing according to ethical principles and statutory regulations, and our neutrality (in other words, the independence from other companies and institutions), enabling us to deal exclusively on your behalf. Our experience gained over many years throughout Germany as an estate agent and property valuer are of benefit to you and your property investment, as it allows your case to benefit from all the knowledge we have built up. We are sure to have dealt with cases similar to yours, and employ all resources available on your behalf. It is not without reason that KARODI Real Estate enjoys a high reputation. Read on to discover more about our main areas of activity.

Investment property throughout Germany: your strong real estate partner

Buy into investment property with top returns

Our experience has shown one thing above all others: property which suits the return expectations of one portfolio is by no means suitable for another. As a real estate agent for top investments throughout Germany, we know what we are talking about. We ourselves have various income-generating objects in our portfolio, and what should not be in your portfolio is something we can precisely judge. The KARODI real estate team is well aware that as a potential investor, you want to bind a large sum of money in real estate and achieve as large a profit as possible. We are equally well aware that one does not play with money. You may be certain that with KARODI Real Estate you will find objects which fit your requirements. We analyse the local and national market on your behalf. We also cautiously select investment property which will take you further in your plans. Regard us as your partner that finds the exact property to suit your precise requirements.

Your partner for property sales

Our services also cover the sale of real estate. Put objectively, we give you the seller the figures you need. With our support, you are fully informed of the price you can achieve when selling your property. And we also offer you valuable advice on how to increase the value of your property, wherever it may be in Germany.

Types of real estate: why we work on your behalf

Only our wide spectrum of property enables us to be able to offer you the object which really fits in your portfolio. And objects which you want to sell. Regard us as a point of contact for the following types of real estate:

Knowing values and dealing correctly: your valuer for real estate

The capital you commit to real estate is in comparison with other forms of investment high. It would be wrong and not in the spirit of your investment to base decisions on some “feeling” or to be overhasty in selling. More important in coming to conclusions is knowing objective values. This concerns property and land, as well as the local market as a whole. Objectively-determined figures are not only relevant for the purposes of buying and selling, but also for your property portfolio. The process of property valuation in the whole of Germany can be of relevance to you if you are planning to leave your property to the next generation, if you need to present your assets before a court, or if you need to deposit your annual balance sheet. As a stakeholder, it is also essential for you to know the value of your share of a property. Obtaining finance is often dependent on providing securities, and security values are also determined with figures. As you can see, there are solid reasons for having a property valuation carried out.

KARODI Real Estate: your valuer all over Germany

The KARODI Real Estate valuers are also in action across the whole of Germany. Along with the stipulations of the Building Law Code (BauGB, Baugesetzbuch) and the Sales Comparison Approach (Immobilien-Wertermittlungsverordnung, ImmoWertV), your reasons for requiring a valuation are decisive in the choice of valuation methodology. What is not influenced in any way by your specific reasons for needing a valuation is our application to ethical principles. This includes recommending property that is suited to being included in your investment strategy for precisely this reason. Property which would not suit your needs, on the other hand, is described in exactly those terms, as are potential pitfalls. We know that what we need is your trust. We value your trust, and are guided by it in our actions on your behalf.

Our services as national property valuer

We calculate the value of your land or property, when you:

  • wish to buy or sell.
  • are planning your will, and thus wish to know the exact value of your property.
  • need to list your property in detail in court due to divorce or other reasons.
  • need to deposit your balance sheet to the authorities.
  • wish to have your portfolio’s income opportunities and risks assessed.
  • wish to benefit from market research or analysis to better understand your property.
  • wish to have the performance of your assets measured and the current value of your property determined.
  • wish to have transactions of similar properties assessed against each other.

Factors in favour of KARODI Real Estate

With KARODI Real Estate, you have found a specialist in the area of income-generating real estate – whether you are investing, selling, or wanting to discover the value of your (future) property. Our nationwide activity has enabled us to build up an immense pool of knowledge and experience. He have prepared some information on the various regions:




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Achieving top market prices

Along with our experience at nationwide level with specialisation in investment property, you benefit from our network of private and institutional investors. This means that we can quickly offload your property at the best price achievable. As an investor, you thus have the advantage of our having a wide range of income-generating real estate available.  Our clientele contains private investors, funds, bank subsidiaries, trusts, pension funds, insurance companies, portfolio holders, real estate investment trusts (REITs), property PLCs, investment funds, as well as domestic and international pension funds.

For you as an investor and seller, it is important to know that we compile a valuation according to the stipulations of § 194 Building Code (BauGB) on all properties we receive in the terms of a qualified broker agreement. Investors and sellers can thus see with their own eyes a summary of all factors that influence the value of the property under discussion, and the real, objectively determined value of the property in detail. With the help of a professionally produced current valuation, most investors do not even trouble themselves to visit the property in question. A valuation where figures do the talking, along with our thorough knowledge and comprehensive advisory service, suffice when the investor needs to know when an investment is worth undertaking. A verification of the rental income to be achieved from a property can only be positive, as the level of income generated from a real estate object is of the utmost importance. With its good sales contacts, KARODI Real Estate is the ideal catalyst for your real estate trades, whether you are investing or selling. We bring you and potential interested parties together.

Commercial real estate for self-use

Whether you are searching for a new location for your company, or have just started up a business and are looking for suitable premises, KARODI Real Estate is also on hand to offer you the assistance you need. Numerous domestic and international companies operating in Germany or further afield place their faith in KARODI Real Estate. We acquire on your behalf new headquarters, branch offices and locations. Realise your expansion plans with our support, or liquidate your commercial property. Many exclusive client offers, our expert knowledge and specialisation make it possible for you to sell for top of the market prices.

Analytical competence and valuation methodology

Investors in, and sellers of real estate place their trust in KARODI Real Estate because we are focussed on investment property and commercial real estate. Our experience, solid educational background and not least the in-depth discussions with our clients enable us to pinpoint what exactly is important for our clients, what investors want, and how self-users wish to handle their commercial property. All these factors flow into the advice we provide you with, and our work as a real estate agent and property valuer we carry out on your behalf. Whether you are a buyer, seller or self-user, we present you with a transparent view with all relevant facts included. Your property is always subjected to an in-depth analysis with the help of key figures, demographics, trends and other points of influence. Thus you are able to gain a view of the strengths and weaknesses of individual investments.

All these points – trust, openness, neutrality, experience and objectivity – make us what we are: a valuer and real estate agent that many have already placed their trust in. Let us into your situation and discuss your specific needs. Get into contact with us and we will be delighted to return your call as and when it suits you.


KARODI is a registered word-mark with Trademark and Patent Office No. 307 74 254.